One kind of cookie I love is the basic Sugar Cookie. I try not to eat them because they are so fating for you! Last Saturday night I babysat and I pre-made some cookie dough in the morning. I also made some frosting and had some colorful sprinkles to bring over. After dinner we baked cookies and decorated them. It was so fun!

Yesterday, I went to visit my friend who had twins about a month ago. I brought her some yummy sugar cookies that I decorated myself. She loved them! We spent the afternoon talking about her cute little girl twins!

I found these cute little chickens at Cost Plus. They came in different colors and different shapes. I thought they were so cute! What do you think! I am trying to figure out what to do with the box that I bought.

It's a hard life!

Yesterday I was doing some cleaning and dusting in my house. I moved my cat's bed so I could clean around the area. Eli, my cat gets a little concerned when I start dusting because he is so scared of the vacuum. He knows its coming when he sees me pull out the broom! He is a very smart cat, so he tries to hide in the closet but unfortunately the doors to the closet were closed. The funny thing is he found the most comfortable spot in the house, my pillow! Check it out, this is why I love cats!

Score at IKEA!

About two weeks ago John and I went to Ikea. Which was very silly because we should not be spending money with me being unemployed! But, it was nice to be at the store when it was so empty. After going through the kitchen and fabric areas we found the "last chance" section near the cash registers. We found this perfect cabinet that was already but together. I thought it would go perfect in our room underneath the window as a area where I can store all my stuff. The only thing that was wrong with it, there were small drilled holes at the top. I think it was a display piece. So, for $30 this is what I got, but throw a nice piece of fabric ontop and it works out perfectly!

A good day...

Since being unemployed I have decided to take this time and enjoy it! I am still constantly looking for a job, but when I am not I want to do the things I love. Here is what I got to enjoy yesterday on a sunny beautiful day.

10am: Interview!
11:30: Farmer's Market
1:30: Jog in the warm sun
3pm: Phone Interview
4:30: made home made mac and cheese! YUM
7pm: Made home made chocolate chip cookies! YUM

I made mac and cheese with cauliflower. It sounds kind of weird but it was so yummy.

Spring has Sprung!

Today had it all! Rain, sunshine and warmth! Yesterday I went to the craft store to buy some items to make a Spring wreath. I have seen so many at cute wreaths at retail stores and thought I could make my own. I had so much fun picking out the decorations for this craft project. The best part was the craft store, Micheal's was having a great sale! So, all items were pretty cheap! Check out what I made, it totally inspriring to have more cute decorations around the house. What should I make next???

Potstickers anyone?

When I lived in San Diego I use to make pot stickers for my roommates, but really haven't made any since. I decided to try making them for John. I made it for a main course having some brown rice and edamane beans on the side. A simple and quick meal. Here's how I made the pot stickers:

mixed the following:

ground chicken
bean sprouts
sesame seeds
salt and pepper

took a teaspoon of the mix and added it to the middle of a wanton wrapper pinched the sides together with some water and steamed until done, about 10 minutes. Make sure the chicken is fully cooked!

Where have I been?

Sorry all! I have been sick with food poisoning for the past week. We went to a wedding in Palm Springs and drove, on the way home we stopped at McDonalads. Yes, yucky McDonalads. I got a salad and