Happy Birthday! To Me!

Today is my birthday! 31! Wow! Didn't do too much today, volunteered for a few hours at HIP Housing where I am helping out every week. Then went to Micheal's Craft shop to look around at new things. Then I came home and started making my cake! The sweet and salty cake from Baked! It turned out so yummy! The one thing I forgot to do was put the Carmel Ganache in between the layers! But, it turned out so yummy! Check the picture out! So mine does not look like the picture,but it sure tastes yummy! I will post the recipe if anyone requests it, its a long one!

Read the Directions!

When I was in Bali, I took a cooking class. The first thing the chef said was read the recipe all the way through before you start. I thought to myself, that is such a basic request, I kind of laughed at the idea. Because, I have been cooking and baking and always scan through the recipe before I begin. After the goof of making brownies last week, I will ALWAYS read through the WHOLE recipe before beginning! Anther thing I will do is not assume things! Growing up when my mom would make brownies she would use a 8x8 pan, so I have been doing the same thing. So, when I made a recipe for brownies out of "Baked" I assumed that the recipe called for a 8x8 pan, but in fact in called for a 9x13 pan! That would explain the gooey middle that I discovered when I was trying to cut the brownies out of the pan and it was a complete mess I figured it out! But, the taste was so tasty that I ignored the gooey and still enjoyed the mess!