About me

I'm Julie. I am in my mid thirties. Oh my mid thirties all ready? How did that happen? I don't feel like I'm a mid thirty? I grew up with my mom making the yummiest food and desserts. I was born in San Francisco and was raised there till about 10. Moved down south a bit (30 miles) to the burbs... Today I live with my surfer, home inspecting husband, a cute and fat cat and a 8 month old Black Lab puppy. I love to bake, cook and craft. Hope you enjoy my journal of crafting and being in the kitchen!

After graduating college with a Child Development Degree I thought I was going to help adolescent teens who were in the foster system get a normal life. My surprise was I found a job that paid me pennies an hour. I stuck it out, worked in a residential home for adults with mental disabilities, got beat up on a daily basis. I finally thought the bruises and coming home exhausted everyday was not worth it. I found a job that I was actaully good at, being a Admin Assistant. I loved it. But then in 2009 I got laid off and I was so sad. I was laid off when pretty much all of California was, but I tried to do what I could do survive.

After some soul searching, and some resisting I got my Real Estate License. So currently, I work part time as a Real Estate Assistant, with the hopes of going full time on my own! The other part of my work life is consumed with working at a non profit in the accounting department and selling Stella and Dot Jewelry.

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