Spring Rolls


Last Friday night my friend and I went to Burma Super Star for dinner. It was SO good. The whole dinner was a great experience from arriving there, we had to wait for about 30 minutes. So, we walked down Clement street discovering some new shops to explore in. When we were called for dinner we sat at a two top literally three inches next to a couple on a date. On the other side we had a young couple with two children, one youngest child was having dinner from her mother. My friend, a dedicated non meat eater wanted to order about 8 different dishes and I who was willing to try anything figured we shouldn't eat with our eyes! We ended up ordering the Tea Leaf Salad, Fried Yellow Bean Tofu, and the Mango Shrimp. The Tea Leaf Salad had so many textures and different tastes. The salad contains seeds and nuts, lettuce and other goodness, Burmese tea leaves, which, according to the restaurant's website, are actually from Burma. The Fired Yellow Bean Tofu was fresh tofu made in house and did not even taste like tofu. So yummy! The Mango Shrimp was spicy and sweet and just plain good! To wash this all down we ordered a pitcher of the Burma Cooler (I think that is what they called it). This made you want eat and drink more! The next day we went to the succulent sale at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens. I came away with a box full of succulents and a HUGE smile! When we were done with the gardens we were famished and thought to make some veggie spring rolls. These were so easy to make and a fun thing to do with some music and great company!
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