Home Made Raviolis

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Last weekend I went to my friend Janine's parent's house to help make the yearly batch of home made raviolis for the holidays. Janine explained that every year her grandma and the sisters made raviolis for the holidays. Since her grandma is in her late 80's she didn't feel like making them this year. So, Janine's dad wanted to carry on the tradition and make them. I had such a blast learning how to make these yummy filled pillows of heaven! We made three kinds, acorn squash, spinach with ricotta cheese and a meat version. Being able to make your own pasta a rolling it out on the table in the garage was so much fun. Using a rolling devise with the square cut out's on it made me feel like I was in Italy! The end product turned out so yummy and now I can't imagine eating anything else than freshly made raviolis!

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