Labor day weekend was a three day weekend for me so my friend Janine and u decided to do some jam making. For the last few years I have been wanting to jam but never had the time or space. It helped that someone wanted to do the same! So we made a plan Saturday we went to the local Farmers market and found some really good fruit. We found some delicious peaches that needed a few more days to ripe so on Monday we started the process. It turns out that my husband and I went to Sonoma for the night before with a few friends I ended up drinking a little too much wine and was not 100% the next day. Funny Janine was the same! We had 30 brand new mason jars that were ready for their sterilization bath and about 4 pounds if zucchini, 10 pounds of strawberries,blackberries, and raspberries. We made a sweet and sour pickled zucchini, mixed berry jam, and a peach rosemary pepper jam.
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