Baby Gift

Today, I woke up with no plans for the day, besides looking for a job! During the morning I watched tv and had my first cup of tea. I had plans to meet a friend for lunch so I started my morning by checking my email and Craigslist for jobs. When I found out that my girlfriend was not free until later that day I decided to do a little sewing. I also remembered that her sister just had a baby about three months ago. To congratulate her I decided to make a bag for her. I wanted to give her a bag with some goodies for the baby. I remembered that I made a really cute oneie for a friend with an embroidery bird on it. I used the same bird pattern from Sublime Stitching and added it to the front of the bag. This little bag of goodies did not cost much at all, a bottle of lotion and a wash ducky and some left over fabric! Check it out!

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Liz said...

ADORABLE!!! i love it a lot.
hope you're feeling better..