Back from Bali!

So, I am back from a wonderful vacation in Bali. What can I say, but it was wonderful! The people are so nice, the food was excellent and the beaches were fabulous! For one day I took a cooking class from the Rumah Bali. Chef Heinz von Holzen hosted this class starting at 6am with a trip to the traditional vegetable market, then to the fish market and off to the Rumah Bali to have a day of cooking traditional Balinese food. This was one of the best experiences that I have been through. We cooked several dishes and I walked away with a booklet of recipes that I hope to make for my friends and family. Above is a picture of all the foods we prepared, everything was so yummy! I am having friends over next week and will try some recipes out on them so we will see if I can duplicate what I made in this beautiful place!

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Anonymous said...

How exciting and different. It's so nice to travel and see the real culture of the people. Thanks for sharing.. Margaret