Cookie Swap!

For my birthday I decided to have a cookie swap! Everyone who is invited brings a batch of cookies over and at the end of the party we all have a bag of different cookies to try out! For this I tried a new recipe for a nutmeg tea cookie. I also made chocolate hazelnut oatmeal cookies! We had so many fun different kinds of cookies, my friend Janine made coconut macaroon which were delicious!


Kendra said...

Aw man, did I miss the cookie swap? Let me know when the next one is! ;-)
Kendra (Lisa's friend from the reception!!)

Kendra said...

(my previous comment dissapeared, sorry if this post twice!)

So bummed I missed the cookie swap, please let me know when the next one is! By the way...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Kendra (Lisa's friend from the reception!)