Party Hopping

Party hopping! On Saturday John and I had two parties to go to. So Saturday morning I got baking! The first was a party for a friend of John's, who he had not seen in 15 plus years. His friend got married and they had a little party for people who could not attend. As a little gift I made the couple Espresso Swirl Brownies from Alice Medrich's Cookies and Brownies Book. These brownies turned out fabulous, I tried one and they are wonderful and full of espresso and chocolate flavor.

The next party we went to was for John's best friend. It was his birthday! I made regular chocolate cupcakes with yummy sugary frosting! I put some fun electric blue sprinkles for decorations. The funny thing with these cupcakes was the actual cupcake did not stick to the baking cups so I had to take the cupcakes out of the cups because it did not look pretty!

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