Fabric to fix a rental

Our shortsale to of our condo finally was approved and we are renters again. Which is not a bad thing. Since April we have been renting this really cute 2 bedroom house in San Mateo. Funny how we have more room for less rent. The plan is to save our money and hopefully be able to buy a house in a few years. This house is really cute but we did not want to put a ton of money into the place if we are not going to live there for a while, for example buy blinds that cost losts of money and we won't beable to take them to the new place when we decide to move. So I decided to buy $30 worth of fabric to cover up the windows in our bedroom, hopefully I can cover up the windows in the office in a few weeks. I just did a simple curtain that took me about 15 minutes to sew for each window. Really quick and cheap! The way I like it, I think it looks pretty cute and when I want to get more light into the room I can clip the fabric together.

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