Holiday Traditions!

I thought it would be nice to share a holiday tradition that my husband and I started about four years back. Christmas Eve is spent with my in laws for a feast that my mother in law cooks and then we open presents and chit chat! Since my in laws live an hour away we usually don't drive back for Christmas day. About four years ago we started going to Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco and getting fresh crab. Then we walk over to the famous Buena Vista Bar for a holiday cocktail. We get home and cover our dinning room table with newspaper and start our feast of crab, salad, bread and wine! Please share your holiday traditions go to sew mama sew blog for details! Or let me know!


CraftyMamaLiving said...

This is our first year with a child, and we didn't give too much thought to developing traditions before now... We decided this year to go to downtown Seattle on the day after Thanksgiving to get a picture of our son with Santa, watch the Christmas tree lighting, and then go into Pacific Place Center where it snows every night at 6. We had so much fun that we decided it was a great tradition to have... So we have our first tradition! :-)

Anonymous said...

wow that sounds so great..I love the Raymond Fizz's that are so famous there. Wish we could be there this year to celebrate with you! Does lolly-gagging around in your pj's all day count as a tradition?