A mustard container turns into a bud vase!

A few weeks ago I discovered this fun blog and found some really cute ideas. All I needed was a empty glass container and I was in business! I had nothing that I could use at home so I forgot about the idea. When I was in San Diego I was making dinner at Courtney's house and we used all the mustard in this perfect little glass jar! I used some scraps of a fabric that I love. I can't remember the fabric name but here are a few reason why I love it. It's green, has skulls, and ladybugs! I also found this really pretty flower outside of my deck. It's amazing that plants are still growing in this cold!


Wendy aka CalvaryGirl said...

It's so cute!! I have some jars in my recycling bin now, maybe I should reconsider...?

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Julie said...

Yes, reconsider the jars in your recycling bin! Trash can be treasure! So cute and easy!

Lalita said...

Okay, this TOTALLY personifies what I said at lunch yesterday... adorable, whimsical, and in "Julie Green"! Love your blog!