Wedding Shower!

Today at work we had a wedding shower. We were celebrating three marriages! I was asked to bake a cake for one of the couples, a white cake with white frosting. So, I gladly accepted the offer and looked through all my cookbooks. I finally found a white cake recipe from Dede Wilson, in her book called, "Wedding Cakes You Can Make". I was nervous because this was the first time I have baked a white cake. The white frosting was a egg white based frosting. I was not happy with the way it turned out because I was not able to decorate as well as I wanted. The cake tasted really good and the frosting as well! I added fresh lemon juice and zest to the frosting to give it a little life, and I think it really helped. 


Liz said...

Great picture and great cake! I have a picture of it I think you'd's pretty cute. :-)

Caroline said...

Oh my gosh, it looks great! I bet it was so to NY state XOXO C