A Baby Shower!

On Saturday afternoon I went to a baby shower for a co-worker. It was very sweet to beable to share this special memory with my co-worker. She was registered at Target, which made my shopping so much easier! All you have to do is print a list out and buy something and you can't go wrong. The person picked it out and would forsure love it and not return! I felt I should also give her something that was a bit more personal. So, I made her a blanket. Thanks to Sew MaMa Sew a found a really easy blanket pattern to follow. If you are a beginner at sewing and have a baby shower to go to make this blanket! I used a green terry cloth and a cotton pink polkadot fabric, even though she is having a baby girl, I thought I would get a way from the pink everything and give her a something a little different.

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Vero said...

and I am the lucky co-worker!! Thanks so much Julie, it is a very special gift indeed (and not pink for a -very welcomed- change!!)